Alumier MD


Alumier MD provides results, whether it’s in the treatment room, at home in your skincare routine or supporting your recovery after a treatment!

Alumier MD is a professionally-dispensed medical grade skincare brand. The brand is dedicated to delivering restorative outcomes to patients who have any array of skin concerns or conditions as well as the latest advancements in Clean Science.

The partnership of MonaLisa Medical Spa and Alumier MD was simple as we both are equally committed to using clinically proven ingredients, medical-strength formulations and optimal dosages in products that consistently produce results.

*Please note all treatment bookings require a deposit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Medical Grade skincare has high potency and quality of ingredients. Medical grade products are able to deliver active ingredients into the deepest layers of the skin and promise optimal absorption.

Broad Spectrum means the sunscreen is protecting your skin from both UVA and UVB rays, which is very important! Many cosmetic grade sunscreens will only protect against one of the UV rays.

Alumier MD is customized for each individual! We are able to treat common conditions and concerns with certain products but can adjust other products to fit your individual skin type. We always recommend to book a complimentary product consultation so we can customize a medical grade skin routine specifically for your skin!